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    • SSL connect to OpenNebula

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      Hi All,
      i am trying this vProtect backup solution with OpenNebula... And I have problem with connection.
      Right now I have opennebula sunstone on address https://<ip> version 6.6.0 and Storware version 6.0.0-24. And Invetory synchronization everytime fail with this message...
      Connectivity test task failed: ExternalAPIException: Failed to test Connectivity for OpenNebula. API_INVOCATION_ERROR: Failed to read server's response: Unsupported or unrecognized SSL message

    • Hi @nsniko777
      Please try it by http and let us know, we'll then have more info about your problem.

      Best regards
      Jan Leszczyński

    • Hi @Jan-Leszczyński
      Thank you
      I cannot use HTTP, it's not secure, OpenNebula operates only over HTTPS.

    • Hi @nsniko777,
      what port number are you using in OpenNebula?

    • Hi @Jan-Leszczyński
      I am using the default 443 port for HTTPS

    • @nsniko777 Can you use HTTP only for the test? What port do you have set for the API in OpenNebula? Can you try connecting via HTTPS to the default API port 2633? For example: