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      Hi All,
      i am trying this vProtect backup solution with OpenNebula... And I have problem with connection.

      Right now I have opennebula sunstone on address http://<ip>:9869 version 6.6.0 and Storware version 6.0.0-24. And Invetory synchronization everytime fail with this message...

      Synchronization task failed: OpenNebulaException: API_INVOCATION_ERROR: HTTP server returned unexpected status: Unauthorized

      Sunstone is ok... I can login with username and password (the same is saved in Storware) and URL i am using address to Sunstone.

    • @kutajs Hi, can you please try to remove port from your config in sbr? just address http://<ip>

    • @Argus Hi, now I see different error...

      Synchronization task failed: ExternalAPIException: Could not locate VM with vProtect node - possible VMs: [].

      In OpenNebula I have right now 14 VMs... I am try setup agent but opennebula running on Ubuntu OS... and there is agent just for Redhat world and SUSE 🤘

    • @kutajs Backup method you using require vprotect node proxy VM inside opennebula HV do you have one?

    • @Argus ohh ok... I don't have it... that's the problem... thanks for message.... 🙂