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    • Restore issues on VMware vSphere 8

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      Hello storware team,

      I configured storware with a based-tag backup strategy for my VMware platform.
      My VM is deployed:

      • in a sample_folder folder
      • with one NIC connected on DVS named sample_dvs
      • with one tag storware_bck

      I can backup my VM without any problem but there are some issues after its restoration:

      • Its storware_bck tag is missing on the restored VM, so this VM won't be backup by Storware
      • After boot, its NIC is not connected and I can't power on the NIC from vSphere. My workaround: I must first change the network, then go back to the first network and after that, I can power on its NIC
      • restored VM is deployed outside of its origin folder (sample_folder)

      As folder and tag information are not present in the ".vmx" file stored on storware's node server, this may explain that behavior.


      • storware : 6.1.0-25
      • vSphere : 8.0.2

      Thank you

    • Hello!
      Sorry for late response.

      Please tell me at first, did you tried to update to version 6.2.0 and then restore backup?

      If problem still occurs we need to look into log f backup and restore. Before you generate it please follow this guide: DEBUG MODE