Storware Backup & Recovery
    • Backup successful but with failed to collect file system information error.

      Virtual Environments 2 3 65

      I am running vProtect v6.0.2-39 with 2 vProtect nodes running as VM with nested virtualization enabled. I'm able to backup VM successfully but with a notification regarding the following error:

      Failed to collect file system information: [Command execution failed: [/usr/bin/virt-filesystems, --filesystems, -l, --csv, -a, /vprotect_data/Snipe-IT__421bab49/Snipe-IT__Hard_disk_1-flat.vmdk] Return code: 1 output: [] error: [libguestfs: error: force_kvm supplied but kvm not available. ]]

      What should I do to fix it?

    • Hi @hdstart,
      I believe you have version 6.2.0 in mind 🙂
      If yes, please edit /opt/vprotect/vprotect.env file and uncomment below lines:


      then restart vprotect-node service and rerun the backup.

    • @a-spinek

      Thank you, that works!