Storware Backup & Recovery
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      First, I find Storeware to be quite straightforward to install and use. I have a very small shop and no dedicated system admin, so I need to keep complexity to a minimum. I have a single licensed ESXi 8 server.

      I do not use vCenter since I only have a single instance of ESXi. My only difficulty with the Storeware installation was at the page to enter the host credentials. It would not accept any entry I made when I selected ESXi as my host platform. The error message was "Something went wrong". The installation went fine once I changed my selection to vCenter and entered the information of the ESXi host.

      The system has been 👍 ever since. I just thought I would share that info. Thanks for a backup solution that works very well.

    • Hello!

      Good to hear that you like our solution. Of course, we also support the backup of single ESXi instances, without using vSphere. Unfortunately, it's hard to say now why you couldn't save these ESXi settings. If you have this problem again, please send us a screenshot of what it looks like and, preferably, the logs from the /opt/vprotect/logs directory. It's probably just a configuration issue.