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    • Can not backup VM on OpenStack

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      Hi, I have just tried to back up some VM on OpenStack. But it throws an error in the step export data to staging phase. The log is:
      "ExternalAPIException: We currently do not support backup of: (disk type: BLOCK, driver name: qemu, driver type: {raw}). Path to not supported disk: /dev/sdd}"
      Can you guys help me to fix this problem please.

    • Hi, For the libvirt strategy only, QCOW2/RAW files or Ceph RBD are supported as the backend.

    • @Argus I have create a VM in Openstack using Image in qcow2 format. Then in Storware platform, i have sync the openstack successful. I Create a backup SLA which has the backup destination is on my VM which is installed Storware, using Local backup Volume (File System). But when backup it still excute the same error, are the some error have I made?
      I cannot upload image due to image error, so i have upload it in this drive:

      Thanks for your support btw!!

    • @kienht Ah, sorry RAW block devices are not supported in the SSH Transfer method. Documentation mentioning only disk image files we will change this for better understanding.

    • @Argus thanks very much!